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Sales Coordinator

Sales Coordinator                                                                     지원하기

Position Summary

  • Sales Coordinator provides assistance to the sales team to ensure customers are satisfied with the sales department’s performance.
    Their primary job is to complete clerical and administrative duties for the sales team, like quotation, corresponding simple documentation as required and informing internal notice of their order duties upon Manager's requests. Sales Coordinators are also responsible for gathering lists of sales leads and distributing them to sales team members upon Sales Leaders' guidelines. Sales Coordinator might also arrange various internal meetings and discussions to assist Sales director from internal productivity improvement perspective.

Key Responsibilities

  • Achieve own goals and contribute to achieve team goals by assisting outside Sales associates' quotation generation.
  • Generate Quotations based on given part-numbers at SAP system.
  • Compiling daily lists of leads and delegating them to sales team associates.
  • Support to generate sales reports by tracking the records of sales visiting, quotations and orders.
  • Providing assistance to management team members and executives as needed.
  • Performing data entry duties in regards to metrics, sales figures and other key data.
  • Reporting any unusual activity to supervisors.
  • Carry out other special assignments.

Professional Experience

  • 2+ years working experience in the related field is preferred.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office application and ERP system are preferred.
  • Computer literacy: In addition to data entry and typing, Sales Support Specialists need to have knowledge of basic spreadsheet and word processing creation software.
  • Communication: Clear communication and the ability to explain concepts in simple terms are used to help the customer work through problems and accurately describe products.
  • Wide ranging product knowledge and attitude to learn more

Required Competencies

  • Customer Orientation
  • Achievement
  • Teamwork
  • Adaptability
  • Self-Control
  • Initiative
  • Sense of Service
  • Communication
  • Casual level English